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Puppet Pin Tool for AE

The Puppet Pin Tool allows you to create bone-like structures for characters and change the shape of compositions, images, and footage.

By placing a series of Deform points, your asset becomes a piece of clay, allowing you to create animated effects otherwise impossible inside of After Effects CC. Along with the Puppet Pin Tool, you will learn how to overlap points with the Puppet Overlap Tool and stiffen areas with the Puppet Starch Tool. All three of these tools work hand in hand to give you complete control over your rig. When you're finished with this course, you will know how to use the Puppet Pin Tool to enhance a frame-by-frame cycle, animate a close up of a face, and animate a full-body character. Software Required: After Effects CC.

Now with IK!

PuppetTools creates and places nulls where AE Puppet Tool pins are located on the selected layer, then connects them.


This function creates and places nulls where AE Puppet Tool pins are located on the selected layer, then connects them via expressions. If you're a frequent Puppet Tool user you know what a pain in the butt it is to animate with, especially when you have a lot of pins and separate layers of artwork. Hopefully this null workflow makes things a bit easier.


The new ‘Create IK’ feature offers an easy way to use Inverse Kinematics (IK) in your rig. Select three nulls (starting with the driving joint) and then click ‘Create IK’ – done. It was designed to work with this puppet script, but can be used on any three nulls.


This function automates the process of looping an animation cycle. It time remaps the selected layer and applies a loop expression to it. You have the option only loop a finite number of times, or loop endlessly. If the selected layer isn't precomped, it will do that for you.

New in version 3.0:

New Create IK feature! A one-click IK setup.
Auto-saves your settings
Support for multiple mesh artwork
Better support for Shape layers
Fixed uncentered anchor point bug
FREE practice character rig!
FREE ft_Toolbar icon!


Puppet Pin Tool 3.0


Puppet Pin Tool Version 3: Download

Legal Purchase: https://aescripts.com/puppettools

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